Paint shop


We are a newly built industrial paint shop as a part of the certified established company Miroslavské strojírny, s.r.o, which has been on the market since 1994 and is mainly engaged in the production of weldments for rail vehicles, on which high demands are placed on overall quality and surface finish.

For powder coating, all possible colors of the highest (facade) quality are available with beautiful optical effects, offering excellent corrosion protection.

We specialize in powder coating of aluminium, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel including 5 ° chemical and / or mechanical pre-treatment of the highest quality certified by the German certification body QIB and DB.

For our surface treatment processes, we use powder coating, wet painting, pickling, chrome-free titanium treatment, blasting by iron grit and blasting by stainless granulate, all under one roof.

Basic parameters of the paint shop: wet painting up to the size of a delivery van, powder painting up to 4500 x 2200 x 800 mm, chemical pre-treatment (up to 4500 x 2200 x 800 mm) - titanium conversion layer, mechanical pre-treatment (two blast boxes 6000 x 4500 x 4000 mm) – blasting by stainless granulate for blasting of aluminium and stainless materials, blasting by steel grit for blasting of ferrous materials (surface roughness after blasting 25 microns).

The production process and its parameters are controlled and regularly monitored.

Painted surfaces are regularly tested chemically and mechanically.

The maximum dimensions of a product for powder coating and chemical pre-treatment are 4500x2200x800 mm and the maximum weight 250 kg per one piece. Mechanical pre-treatment and wet painting have dimensions of size delivery van.

We can also include bonding and sealing according to DIN 6701-A2 (also under one roof).