Our specialization is Engineering / Machine-building. Laser cutting. CNC Machining. Painting works.

We are on the market since 1994.

After it establishment in 1994, company partly continued on the original production of food industry machines. In the following years production porfolio was extended to machnies for textile and glass fibre industry and technologies for insulation material producers. As part of wider modernization and company development after 2008, new technolgies for sheet metal processing were procured and our company began to supply products for railway industry customers. Mainly train metal structures / frames for HVAC systems and welded frames for electrical components.

By gaining of further experiences and knowledge we expanded our company with certifications for welding and adhesive bonding in rail industry, i.e. EN 15085 and DIN 6701. Gradually, production for rail industry become the main branch of company´s portfolio and interest. In 2017 company expanded with new production areas in Hostěradice and production capacities were expanded.

In 2019 completely new Pain Shop was put into operation and we became self-sufficient in the field of surface treatment of our products. Our main business customers are long-standing partners both from the company´s original porfolio, such as HUHTAMAKI and SAINT-GOBAIN and in recent years from Railway industry such as LIEBHERR Transportation, KNORR-BREMSE Group, SIEMENS, CEGELEC, SECHERON, ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s. / Transportation.

Our company have Currently more than 135 employees working on a production area of 8000 m2.

As an engineering company Miroslavské strojírny s.r.o. we focus on custom production of machines and technological equipments, while we are currently focusing on specialized production for Railway industry.

Our  strategy is to permanently ensure high product quality, responsibility act towards interested parties, building company´s good reputation / name, stability and competitiveness increase on the Czech as well as international markets accompanied by growing exports abroad. Our interest is also constant reduction of negative environmental impacts from company´s activities, improvement of safety protection system at work and compliance of ethical standards. We try to achieve fulfillment of corporate strategy by focusing on following sub-activities:


Satisfied customer – We strive to build long-term and satisfied cooperation with our customers and to fulfill all their requirements while maintaining the highest quality.

Qualification, education – We place emphasis on trained personnel who can perform work in the highest quality and expertise.

Communication – We communicate openly with all interested parties, we recieve comments, reactions and make sure they are discussed, inform our employees about company´s main priorities and make sure the are fulfilled.

Continous improvement – We strive for continous development of our technological and intellectual capabilities, we introduce process approaches to production and new information systems.

Employee involvement – We believe, that every individual can help to develop business, so we are open to and appreciate any suggestion for improvement.

Compliance with legislation and ethics – We act openly towards all parties and ensure compliance with legal and contractual conditions, both towards customers or office authorities, and towards local community.

Environmental responsibility – We strive for minimal environmental impacts of our business, prevention of environmental pollution and we act in accordance with legislation and standards.

Production for rail vehicles

The main part of production consists of the production of cabinets and units for heating and air-conditioning of trains, the production.

Machines and components

We provide our customers with the production of atypical machines based on their specifications, including the technical.

Paint shop

We specialize in powder coating of aluminium, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel including 5 ° chemical and / or mechanical.


Photo gallery

Production possibilities of engineering
TruLasser 3030

Working range: 3000&thinsp;&times;&thinsp;1500&thinsp;mm <br>Max. laser cut material thickness:

  • construction steel 20 mm
  • stainless steel 15 mm
  • stainless steel 15 mm
LVD STRIPPIT S-1225 Die-cutter

Working surface dimensions 2500 x 1250 mm, wide range of standard and special punching tools.

Machine and manual deburring
CONE900 Press-brake

Pressing force (kN) 200; Max. pressing length (mm) 868; Max. opening between clamping (mm) 400; Ram stroke in Y axis (mm) 150; Repeated accuracy in Y axis (mm) +/- 0.005

TruBend 5085 Press-brake

Pressing force (kN) 850; Max. pressing length (mm) 2210; stroke 214-445;

Bending up to 6mm LVD PPEB-8 135/3050 press brake with Cadman control

Pressing force (kN) 1350; Max. pressing length (mm) 3050; stroke 200mm;

Bending up to 6mm thickness LVD PPEB-8 -80/2050 press brake with Cadman control

Pressing force (kN) 800; Max. pressing length (mm) 2050; stroke 200mm;

Four-roll CNC plate rolling machine

up to 3mm thickness and 2000mm length

Profile bending machine

ECOMIL50 CNC milling machine
5-axis continuous machining from simple to highly complex workpieces <br> table size 500×500 mm

Milling cutter FA3 W
table size 250 x 1000mm

FGS 50/63 milling machine
table size 450x1500mm

CNC portal machining center BRALL
table size 2200x6000mm

ECOTURN 450 CNC lathe

turning diameter 400 x length 600 mm

Center lathe SUI-40
Center lathe SU-40
Center lathe SUI-50
Center lathe SUI-80
Manual arc welding (141,131,135)
  • TIG – for aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel
  • MIG (MAG) – for aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel
Resistance welding (212)
  • Spot welding – for aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel
Stud welding (783,786)
  • Stroke welding of studs with a ceramic ring – for stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Capacitor discharge stud welding with point ignition – for stainless and carbon steel materials
Robotic welding of carbon steel and ALU material by MIG / MAG method

work table range 1000x3000mm

We perform bonding and sealing of products
  • We perform bonding and sealing of products according to EN DIN6701-A3, in certified premises
We provide metalwork and assembly work, including the addition of technical insulation to products, and thus provide a complete product according to customer requirements.
Production possibilities of the paint shop
  • Painting wtih a wet paint up to size of a van
  • Powder painting up to size 4500 x 2200 x 800 mm
  • Chemical pretreatment up to size ( 4500 x 2200 x 800 mm ) – Titanium-based conversion layer
  • Mechanical pretreatment ( Two blasting boxes 6000 x 4500 x 4000 mm ) – Blasting with stainless steel granules for blasting of aluminum and stainless steel materials, blasting with steel grit for blasting of carbon steel ( ferrous ) materials ( surface roughness after blasting 25 micrometers )
  • According to customer´s request, we are able to provide special surface treatments from certified companies ( e.g. KTL, various forms of passivation, zinc coating, tin plating, ELOX / Anodizing, etc,.. )





Miroslavské strojírny, s.r.o.

Headquarters and plant Miroslav

Kostelní 222/41
671 72 Miroslav
Česká Republika

IČ: 60730471
DIČ: CZ60730471


Hostěradice plant

Hostěradice 517
671 71 Hostěradice
Česká Republika

N 48°57.11140′
E 16°15.47747′

Map Miroslav:
Map Hostěradice:

Ivan Novotný
CEO / Company owner
+420 603 811 450

Radomír Petrik
Purchasing Manager / Managing Director
+420 603 811 455

Ivana Novotná
Chief Accountant / Economist / Managing Director
+420 603 811 412

Renata Petriková
HR dep. / Payroll Accountant
+420 603 811 409

Libor Výplach
Paint shop Manager
+420 605 109 418

Marek Svoboda
Project Manager
+420 776 596 200

Lukáš Hermann
Head of Quality department
+420 732 631 550

Roman Ševčík
Head of technical dep. / Designer
+420 732 748 848

Zbyněk Novotný en
Head of sales department
+420 774 523 531

Dominik Dobeš en
Expedition leader
+420 777 067 201

Andrea Novotná
OHS and ISO Manager
+420 731 487 788

Vladimír Škrabal de
Technical business technologist
+420 733 101 678

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